Walking Dreamer

Black and lace has always been such a go-to look for me…whether during the Summer, Fall or Winter. One weekend in Brooklyn I decided to go for a dark witchy look, with enough chiffon pleats and a feminine aura.

I almost never wear midi length skirts because it can sometimes come off a bit awkward looking on me but, when I found this skirt about a month ago in Forever 21 I was pretty surprised that the length didn't bother me as much…its slowly becoming one of my favourite piece in my closet.

Lace Top- Nasty Gal
Pleated Skirt- Forever 21

Though I'm currently revamping my style and closet, this was a look I wore few weeks ago while prancing around Williamsburg in Brooklyn. It was very sunny yet I'm not quite sure what possessed me  to wear a full on black attire. However, the fact that everything I had on was very lightweight and airy, made it so much easier for me to go through the day without sweating like a pig.

I kept it pretty low key on the accessories because I really wanted the beauty of the lace to speak for itself rather than overpowering everything with loads of jewelry. So since I had a bit of a low cut top, it was only right to add a bit of a statement piece around my neckline as the main accessory. 
Anywhos, I'm back to being super busy as I'm back in school again, finishing up my BFA p.s I already got a bolt load of homework! 
For any of my followers back in school, wishing you the best of luck and thanks for visiting!

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Fall To Pieces

Mixing prints has always been such a favourite thing of mine to do…there's just something about trying to combine two completely different prints/pattern and creating an interesting outfit. 

I kept my hair simple and messy, like I usually do as the "bed head" look always seems like the easiest go-to styling.

Crosswalk Top- Nasty Gal
Skirt- Forever 21
Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell

At the very beginning of the Summer, I remember styling this aztec inspired mini skirt in a post back when I lived in the city (SEE HERE). The styling was pretty different back then, as there was a much more polished feminine quality about how I had chose to pair things. However, this time around I wanted to the styling to be a little less feminine and slightly possessive so I paired the skirt with more darker elements and less accessories. 
The top I'm wearing is one I got from Nasty Gal and didn't quite think I'd actually like it or even wear it  but it seemed fitting for this look as the surprising element at the back adds for a bit of un expectance with these ginormous buckles crisscrossing each other. The look itself is great for Summer and with the addition of the black kimono it could also serve as a great transitional look from Summer to Fall, with little tweaks here and there. Summer is almost over and I'm really sad that I'll have to go back to long hours working in the studio plus no more super sunny weather… oh well that's just the game of life. If you want to see real time updates with me since I no long post daily here on the blog, you can follow me on Instagram @marfarlane.

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The Flower Of My Soul

In the Summer, I enjoy letting my hair down, wearing pretty dresses that dances along with the wind and being carefree as possible. I never want to Summer to end…the sunny days, walks by the park and the outdoor movie nights will be missed once the Fall has taken over.

Silver accents to compliment this simplistic look for a day of adventuring around the city with a good friend of mine.

Dress- Nasty Gal
Necklace- Tillys
Shoes- Forever 21

Oh how I love this girly dress that I've had for awhile, hanging in my closet but didn't choose to wear it until now. Even though the Summer is coming to a close pretty soon, I can get over my mini obsession with short,  flowy and lightweight Summer dresses. This one is now once of my favourite because the fabric is soo soft and lightweight plus, the little cut out detail in the back I could call a piece of perfection as it allows for a bit of a surprise element to an otherwise typical floral dress. 

The day I wore this dress as a pretty adventurous movie day for me… I went to see both an indoor and outdoor movie and ate so much food with my friend and thankful I brought a little lightweight knit sweater for when it got cold in the night. With some light make up and my usual messy hair, my outfit was complete and ready to take on the days activities.

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Fannel Chronicle

Sometime last week I had such a great time with my niece who came to visit me for a week. I tried to take her around as much places as I could here in New York but sadly there wasn't quite much here for a 14 year old to do. Either way, I took her central park for a relaxing day which was where I decided to snap this look.

I literally stepped out of my apartment unknowingly matching in forest green and navy blue…it was only until I was heading back home on the train that I really recognized that I was matching completely with my outfit and accessories .

One of my latest thrift finds is this really cool vintage sterling silver ring.

I'm extremely in love with this bag that I bought at a cute little boutique in Soho, I'm not quite sure how I got so lucky to even find this boutique but I'm just really glad because ever since, I now take this mini backpack almost everywhere with me if I can. The design is so sleek and unique, plus I absolutely love the combination of gold details with the navy blue.

Fannel Top- Forever 21
Boots- Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane

It was a typical hot Summer day, and all I really wanted to wear was something cool and almost a bit effortless. I couldn't quite tell the last time that I wore a fanned top but somehow I randomly decided that this day would be the day. This post reminds me a little bit more of my grunge side which I use to sport a whole lot when I started this blog almost two years ago….with this perfect choker and chunky boots. I'd actually like to think of it as more of a more refined approach to the grunge style because everything seems a little too much on the perfect side and yes, I was wearing shorts underneath. 
Overall, I like wearing these kinds of looks where it's not too uptight and everything is simply easy breezy. I am currently cooking up some new looks, so that I can go back to posting a lot more during the weeks…but until then I hope you enjoyed this post.
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