Eager Eyes

Casual days. Yes, I'm wearing jeans.

Sweater- H&M
Boots- Zara

I was a bit reluctant to post this look, mainly because it's so far fetched from my usual style and I was feeling super lazy the day I got dressed. However, I decided to just go ahead and share because I feel like everyone has one of those off days plus sometimes it feels good to dress down a little. 
I believe I shared these mom jeans here on the blog once before during the Summer so, this time around I'm styling it in a more Fall attire with a bit of a bohemian/hipster inspired vibe.  
This look was worn for a full day of classes and I was super comfortable all day, minus my friends pointing out that they've never seen me wear jeans before haha. 

It's starting to get extra cold here in NY, and I'm definitely not happy about that because all I want to do is stay indoors. I'll be sure to post a lot more looks here on the blog but if you'd like to keep up with my collection developments you can always follow me on Instagram @marfarlane

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Sins of Jezebel

Create your own personalized case using Caseapp.com

I had the opportunity to design my very own case and I wanted it to be something personal and dear to me. I chose to design the case using one of my very own fashion illustrations from a collection which I still to this day love and adore. As you may or may not know, I'm currently studying Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology here in NY and it consists of a lot of sleepless nights working in the studio on very tedious projects. During my Sophomore year for one of my classes I developed a collection inspired by the a series of work done by the photographer TOMAAS, called Sins of Jezebel.
I felt a real connection when developing this collection and a had placed so much time and effort into it, which is why it meant a lot to me that I could personalized my phone case which something this close to me. 

Case app provides the opportunity to have full creative freedom and not only are you able to design phone cases but there is also the option of creating a skin design for your laptop. It's fun and very easy to create and you should definitely check it out. Plus, since the holidays are literally right around the corner...I think this could be a perfect gift for a loved one as it is something that you can personalize to your own liking.

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Power Trip

Just another day, layering to keep me warm and comfy on cold days.

Shearling Matte Jacket- Similar
Blue Biker Jacket- Similar or (here)
Embroidered Sweater- H&M
Trousers- Zara

It's funny to think that there are areas of my closet that are actually filled with coloured items which I neglect 95% of the time and then an all black section that is like my baby. However, once in awhile i like to dip into the coloured section and chose one stand out color to vibe with for the day.
If you've remembered any of my previous post from last Fall, I was absolutely obsessed with this bright royal blue biker jacket and still can't quite get over how much I love it.
 I love rich colours that are able to enhance a look completely and this is exactly what I wanted for this look. I wore this ensemble this past weekend and honestly, I just wanted to walk around Brooklyn and get some fresh air. So, I literally just pulled out the quickest thing I could put together without looking crazy and then there was the birth of this look. 

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Loud Pipes

Cant quite stay away from the grey palette.

Fuzzy Sweater- H&M
Sportswear Inspired Coat- Zara

A grey palette always seems to come in handy on days whenever I either have to rush to school or I just want to come up with something that does quite require mixing colors or prints. This look is a primary example of how I dress on days when I need to get dressed quick but still keep warm and cozy. 
My weakest each Fall is wearing very chunky or oversized pieces, mainly because it gives me a sense of comfort which I love. I also went very minimal with my jewelry this time around just so I could enjoy the beauty of the multiple shades of grey.

It's been so busy these past couple weeks and it's only going to get worst from here on because the semester is almost over so I had tons of new projects working on but super excited for. If you would like to keep up to speed with "designer" aspect of my life and all the things I'm working on you can follow me on Instagram @marfarlane

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