Fall is here! and the days are starting to get much cooler…I'm currently in the process of packing out all my fall/winter wear yet, I'm so sad the Summer had to end. Featuring this simple go-to look for one of my days when I want to wear something easy.

Knit Sweater- Lumiere from Necessary Clothing
Pants- Zara
Boots- Zara

I absolutely love days like these where I can throw on a nice comfy oversized sweater, black skinnies and a good pair of boots…I live for these very urban/bohemian aesthetics. I think I previously mentioned that I've been having a slight obsession with wearing different shades of grey so, the more this obsession grows, the more I find new ways of styling and working my way around it so that the look doesn't become overly repetitive. For this look I wore a lot of neutral tones so with a slight pop of navy in the boots and green in my jewelry, I was able to come up with a look that was well balanced. 

I'm excited to post a lot of my upcoming Fall looks because I have so many ideas in mind plus a lot of new pieces piled up in my wardrobe thats dying to be worn haha. 

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Caught In Magic

Ribbed Top- Nasty Gal
Shorts- Forever 21
Lace Cardigan- Forever 21
Necklace- Vintage

Greys, whites and light blue has been a staple color palette in my daily outfits for these recent weeks. I just love the light and airy quality to this color palette and can I say, this lace cardigan is everything! I scooped it up about three weeks ago along with the black version of it (I couldn't choose between which one I wanted so I got both), it perfect for Fall and I know for sure I'll be seen wearing it a whole lot.  I paired the cardigan with a simple baby blue top and a grey pleated shorts for a very clean and slightly simplistic look. I'm usually very heavy on accessorizing my jewelry but I thought it would be best to wear just one statement piece to tight the overall look together.

I'm aiming to be back in full swing with blogging daily again, as long as time will allow me to do so. I've been documenting my look for these past week so hopefully I'll get the chance to post them very soon. I hope you all are doing very well and thanks once again for visiting my page. For real time updates with me and the projects I'm working on, you can follow me on Instagram @marfarlane

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Prior Lost Sorrows

If it could be Summer forever, that would make my life so much better. I think the most I'll miss about the Summer is the fact that I could step outside my apartment bare legged in short shorts and not give a care in the world because I won't have to face the cold wind rushing across my skin.

Vintage rings will forever be an obsession of mine, especially silver ones that overtime the under layer of copper begins to show through, giving a very rusty vibe which I love….it gives a little character to the jewelry in my opinion.

Possibly the most comfortable boots I've own in awhile. These was my best purchase of the Summer as I can't take them off my feet and they'll literally become a uniform to my attire for classes.

Ribbed Cropped Top- Necessary Clothing
Short- Forever 21
Chiffon Top- H&M
Boots- Zara
Draped Necklace- Guess
Rings- Vintage

A lot of my post from now will literally be mostly grey combinations, mainly because I've become completely obsessed with wearing and buying any piece of clothing that's grey. That's possible the main reason I've also slowed down in blogging as my person style is changing drastically and for some reason I'm starting to hate everything in my closet. Maybe it's just a phase but either way, I'm going through a bit of a revamping of closet (late spring cleaning). 

For this look I chose to pair a basic ribbed top to be worn with my favourite pair of shorts that I've style several times here on the blog. I wanted to do a subtle mixing of prints, so I wore my airy abstract floral top and styled it as cardigan for a extra layer to give depth to the look. I went a bit heavy on the jewelry since there was such a light aura to the way I paired each piece of clothing. Of course, no look could be complete with a great pair of black boots and my usual messy hair.

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Walking Dreamer

Black and lace has always been such a go-to look for me…whether during the Summer, Fall or Winter. One weekend in Brooklyn I decided to go for a dark witchy look, with enough chiffon pleats and a feminine aura.

I almost never wear midi length skirts because it can sometimes come off a bit awkward looking on me but, when I found this skirt about a month ago in Forever 21 I was pretty surprised that the length didn't bother me as much…its slowly becoming one of my favourite piece in my closet.

Lace Top- Nasty Gal
Pleated Skirt- Forever 21

Though I'm currently revamping my style and closet, this was a look I wore few weeks ago while prancing around Williamsburg in Brooklyn. It was very sunny yet I'm not quite sure what possessed me  to wear a full on black attire. However, the fact that everything I had on was very lightweight and airy, made it so much easier for me to go through the day without sweating like a pig.

I kept it pretty low key on the accessories because I really wanted the beauty of the lace to speak for itself rather than overpowering everything with loads of jewelry. So since I had a bit of a low cut top, it was only right to add a bit of a statement piece around my neckline as the main accessory. 
Anywhos, I'm back to being super busy as I'm back in school again, finishing up my BFA p.s I already got a bolt load of homework! 
For any of my followers back in school, wishing you the best of luck and thanks for visiting!

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